Trina Harding

Experiential Learning, Instructional Design, Educational Research

Learning Through Meaningful Connections

A Personal Teaching Philosophy

            When I moved to a new house many years ago, my new neighbor spent one Sunday afternoon driving me around the streets of our neighborhood. She went house by house, telling me the names and small pieces of information about the people who lived in each home. Over the coming weeks, as I was able to gradually meet all of these new neighbors, they were often surprised that I already knew their names. I was surprised as well. When I stopped to think about it, I realized that I knew these names because I had made connections with the names of individuals, and the specifics of their homes or jobs.

I believe that learning happens when we are able to form meaningful connections. Meaningful implies purposeful, important, and valuable. I believe it is the learner (not the teacher) who must be able to see (or intuit) the purpose or value in a connection for it to be meaningful. Cognitivists talk about neural connections, and that our brains store information based on its relationship to other

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